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7 interesting landing page headlines for ROAS-hungry web design companies

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

So you’re running Google Ads for your web design agency. Clicks aren't cheap. Conversions aren't easy. One misplaced sentence, image or word choice can send people rushing for the back button and poof, another expensive click down the dunnie.

And it's the headline that's doing the heavy lifting...

  • 80% of visitors read your headline. Only 20% will read the rest.

  • 90% who read your headline will also read your call-to-action.

If your headline isn’t hitting the mark you're in trouble (and all that other copy and design work goes to waste.)

“We’re fine, thanks. Our headline works.”

I’m sure it does. Most headlines “work” to some degree. But what if your trusty headline could be replaced with a new one that doubles your ROAS?

To create great Google Ads landing page headlines for a web design company, first we need to understand what bad ones look like.


Bad headline example #1

“We design beautiful websites.”

What the prospect thinks: I hope you do! But so does everyone else. What’s different? Who says they’re beautiful? What can a beautiful website do for me? Can you do beautiful websites for my niche?


Bad headline example #2

“We are the #1 rated web design company in Sydney.”

What the prospect thinks: Good for you. But what does that mean for me? And who says you're the best? How many people have used you? Why are you rated the best? Sure, you’ve got heaps of great reviews. But maybe that means you're more expensive? Maybe you’re too busy for my project deadline?


Bad headline example #3

“Get a professional website fast.”

What the prospect thinks: Aren’t all your websites professional? How fast? What if I prefer slow and steady? I’m worried you’ll be rushing my project and cutting corners.


Bad headline example #4

“We’ll beat any quote with web design that’s guaranteed to double your leads in 30 days or less!”

What the prospect thinks: Umm, really? How so? You don’t even know my business! Sounds like you’re desperate to win it though.


Landing page headline ideas your web design agency can test today

With the bad eggs out the way, here are 7 new headline ideas to inspire you and try out. Choose one and split test it for a while. Make sure to drop a comment below and let me know which one gets you the biggest boost in conversions and ROAS. I’m willing to bet a bottle of vintage red that at least one of them will.


#1: “The web design company that puts your brand first.”

Why it might work: Avoids the use of self-focused words (“we, our, us”) and focuses on the prospect instead. Addresses a common concern for web design clients; will this new website reflect my brand?


#2: “Get the website you want, starting at just $499.”

Why it might work: Web design can vary in scope and price. However, many prospects want to know they’re in the right place. Seeing a baseline price instantly tells them whether their budget is going to work or not.

It also disqualifies visitors who don’t have the budget to work with you, saving you time and money on dead-end sales calls.

You can even apply this principle to application forms and contact forms by asking what their budget is. However, putting a baseline price in the headline quickly prequalifies people and reduces the amount of inbound leads who don’t have the budget.


#3: “Get a lead-generating website that won’t break your budget.”

Why it might work: This example focuses on a specific benefit (getting leads.) If the majority of clients you work with are generating leads online via their website, or plan to, then this headline could work well.


#4: “Get a Google-friendly website that your customers will actually find.”

Why it might work: Again, we’re focusing on a specific benefit that many people are interested in when getting a new website built. Websites are a means to an end; if they don’t get visitors, what’s the point? Also, we used Google-friendly and not SEO. There are still a lot of people who don’t know what SEO means. Better to be safe than ‘SEOrry’ (Terrible. Can you tell I’m a dad?)


#5: “Get a lead-generating website with free support built-in.”

Why it might work: This headline is addressing a common objection prospects have when considering a web design agency; support. Many people want and often expect after-sales support to manage their new website, ideally without extra fees. You’ll also notice that I’m now combining specific benefits for extra punch. We’ll talk more about that in a moment.


#6: “Don’t hire a web design company unless they ask you these 6 questions…”

Why it might work: People want to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. This value-based and informative headline would lead to content on the landing page that shows people what to ask to make the right choice. This also implies that your company has the right answers (while also gently disqualifying your competitors.)


#7: “To build your perfect website, we start with our ears.”

Why it might work: Web design prospects are often worried about paying for a website that doesn’t effectively communicate who they are and what they do. By showing that you’re “all ears” prospects know that you’ll listen to them, understand their business and their customers, and as a result, create a website that hits the mark on every level.


Bonus tip: Stack ‘em high

Why stop with just one benefit or key selling point? Here’s an double-punch headline that packs two benefits to deliver a knock-out blow:

“Get a lead-generating website with free support built-in.”

Oooh, tasty! Now you’re not just another web design agency that “builds beautiful websites.” You’re the team who can get me leads and support me long after I’ve paid the invoice and the site goes live.

Other examples:

“Get a lead-generating website starting at just $199.”

“On-brand websites that generate leads 24/7”

“We’ll build you a website that gets found on Google, with free support built-in.”

You can mix and match, or if you’re feeling fruity, try a three benefit headline instead! Just tread carefully. Short and sweet often works best.

Over to you…

I hope these 7 headline ideas come in handy for your web design agency. I’d love to hear how they perform for you. Leave a comment below with your results, thoughts, questions or most cutting objections and I promise to respond with dignity and speed.

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