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Landing Page Samples

Sardinia Health Retreat

The client runs a health retreat business and wanted to promote their upcoming  Sardinian package. A high ticket sale, so the landing page needed to sell people on the romance of the destination just as much as the health benefits of the package itself. The resulting copy is flooded with mental imagery and laced with benefits plus a real sense of exclusivity and adventure.


African Safari

My client sells a boutique, fully tailored African safari package. The copy needed to address several key objections (safety, comfort, experiences, price, etc) while portraying the benefits of the tour operator's package.

The Alternative Board

The client is a world leading peer advisory board offering business owners the opportunity to conduct confidential meetings with non-competing business owners on the same level as they are, to get and give advice to each other. The copy had a clear, bold benefit that spoke directly to the business owners, then proceeded to address the doubts and fears that were already swirling around inside their heads.

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