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Facebook Ads Samples

increase your ROAS with Facebook Ads


After working with this brand new eco-friendly clothing company for 7 days, I was able to produce an ad that generated a 16.39 ROAS and their first sale at $5.40. At the time of writing, other ads in their campaign were getting 22% CTR and 20% add to cart ratios. The fashion industry is super-competitive, so the client was extremely happy with the results!

AdParlor_Website Clicks_Newsfeed_Preview


Outsourcing Institute (OIT) provides fully accredited training for engineers. Their goal was to drive Facebook Messages via paid ads. The new ad copy took their campaign cost from $85.73 per result (message from a new lead) to $16.79. My new ad copy doubled their leads at 1/5th of the previous budget.

AdParlor_Website Clicks_Newsfeed_Preview


Snomads offer boutique ski resort packages in Bansko. The challenge was getting a cold audience to consider skiing somewhere new. The new ads highlighted little-known facts about the resort and destination as a whole, enticing people to click. The results were impressive. $0.05 per click and 10.72% CTR (both exceptional metrics in the travel industry.)

New ad mockup.png


DuoShorts offer gym friendly shorts that carry your phone in a concealed inner pocket. The challenge was finding the right angle for the ad, turning a plain existing ad that didn't even mention half  the features of the shorts, into an ad that uses humour appropriately for the target audience (men, 18-50.)

SouthSide Gym - new ad mockup.png

Southside Gym

An independent gym wanted to reach out to locals to drum up business. With the suspicion that many people were choosing to workout at home and no longer seeing the value of a gym membership. The new ad copy addressed this objection in a humorous way, to grab attention and win trust, while showing their target audience the value of visiting a gym instead of doing your workouts at home.

Rev Run ad mockup.png

Rev Run 5K

Rev Run 5K is a London based running event where people can run alongside others in a safe, chip timed environment. The new ad copy needed to highlight the benefits of attending such an event, with a strong focus on positive language and emotions.

wheybox ad mockup.png


WheyBox offers convenient travel size sachets of whey protein powder for fitness enthusiasts and dieters. The tone of their ad was positive, humourous (to grab attention effectively) and focused on the numerous practical benefits of the product.

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