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Email Copy Samples

Coronavirus cannot steal our hearts.png

Beau Brummell (Gay Introductions)

My client, a boutique introductions service for gay men, wanted to reach out to prospects during the Coronavirus pandemic. The challenge was appearing relevant, in a time when people were isolated at home. The resulting email played on the fact that people needed companionship and love more than ever during such a difficult time. We also used other selling points to our advantage to overcome objections such as not being able to leave their houses. Tactfulness was critical for this project. One wrong move in the copy could damage the client's brand permanently.

Theres a problem email swipe-1.png

Dental Coaching

My client is an expert dental marketing coach and wanted to promote an upcoming live training and accountability group event in Sydney. The email broadcast took a strong focus on the benefits of accountability and receiving tailored dental marketing advice in a small, confidential group setting.

Gmail - Welcome to Mindful Souls_-1.png

Mindful Souls

Mindful Souls is a wellness ecommerce company offering healing stones along with other subscription based natural remedy products. The client wanted a welcome email to send to their new customers. The email needed to pull on people's heartstrings and strike an emotional connection with their buyers, to establish a strong relationship going forward. The resulting email was laden with emotive language that showed empathy and supportiveness.

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