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Nick's landing page increased our conversions by 166% for our Shopify store.



David IndleKofer


Double Your Landing Page Conversions, Guaranteed.

Increase your lead flow & advertising ROI with higher-converting landing pages, done for you in just 5 days.

There are probably thousands of dollars being left on the table. Want me to find it for you?

Getting traffic to your website isn't cheap or easy, so it pays to have a landing page that turns as much of that traffic into leads and sales. 

In fact, increasing your landing page conversions by just 2% could be the difference between struggling and becoming wildly successful almost overnight.

That might sound like hype, but here's why it's true:

Let's take a recent client of mine who sells online education training programs. 

Their average order value is $770.

They get 100 visitors per day.


Their website converts at 5.5%.


And their sales calls convert at 10%.


This brings them $11,935 in monthly revenue.

With my help, they're able to get their website conversion rate up to 7.5%, which puts them up to $16,275 in monthly rev. That's an extra $4340 of "found money" just from a new landing page!

But we're here to talk about you, right?

If your landing page or website conversion rate is spluttering along at 1%, 3% or just 5%, then there's good news and bad news.

The bad news is, the moment you start searching for solutions, you quickly discover... 

Most People Can't Help You.

Your options are:


1. Brand copywriters who love coming up with clever sounding words that aren't designed to convert.

2. Cheap, generic & junior copywriters who don't know what it takes to create landing page copy that truly converts.


3. Freelance directories & agencies full of writers who don't know how to market their own business, let alone yours, hence the need to rely on 3rd parties to win clients, offer cheap rates, rush their work, burn themselves out and produce copy that has little hope of helping you sell more stuff.

Now here's the good news... 

Here's How I Can Help You 
(Increase Conversions & Sales)

Damn good copy.

The best copy isn't "dreamt up." It comes from deep market research & the voice of your customer. That's why I spend 90% of my time digging into demographics, questionnaires, reviews, competitors, winning ads & surveys to find the real USPs, pain points, language and buying triggers that will make your product fly off the shelves. 

Scientifically designed landing pages. 

My clients' landing pages typically convert 2x higher than standard websites and "run of the mill" landing pages. It's a proven and reliable formula that's been tested for years and continues to work across every industry I've worked in (and I've worked in hundreds!)

And a whole lot more in between the sheets...

  • CTA design & strategy

  • Content hierarchy

  • Trust signals

  • Hook & positioning

  • Page load speed

  • Mobile experience

  • Readability scoring

  • Objection handling

  • And so much more!

“We're extremely pleased with the results we've had due to Nick's exceptional work. Our conversions and sales have increased since implementing the copy he created for us and our advertising cost per conversion has decreased significantly.”

Antoinette, Mind and Body Tea

“My product page was converting at 1.53% then with Nick's new landing page the conversion rate is now at 4.25% which is insane. Another product went from 1.04% to 2.38% which made the difference between breaking even to being very profitable!”

David IndelKoffer, NightBuddy

“Nick's copy has been running for 4-5 days and to say the performance has increased would be an understatement. We are getting the highest CTR I've ever seen for a cold audience.”

Jamie Forest, HealthyLeads

"But you won't be able to improve landing page conversions in MY business or industry..."

Oh ye of little faith! 

It's a valid concern, but please allow me to lay your fears to rest :) Over the past 14 years I've worked with a huge variety of businesses in all kinds of industries including...

  • Real Estate

  • Construction

  • Digital Marketing

  • Healing Crystals

  • Headlamps

  • Sleep Pillows

  • Portable Camping Seats

  • SaaS Marketing Tools

  • Accountants

  • Plumbers 

  • Electricians

  • Solar Companies

  • The list goes on and on... 


By using a principles-first approach along with my unique research methods, I've yet to find a client who can't benefit from what I do.  

“Your copy is performing great. It is crushing anything we've used in the past. Almost double the leads have come through on your version, while cutting ad spend in half! Client is happy, I'm happy.”

Waheed Dhedi, New Limits

"Oh man, this copy is way better, this is why you're the pro! Even just getting the small feedback was so helpful, but the actual copy is freakin nuts. Seeing three front runners at the start, one with an 8.7 CTR!

Cami Bird,

“Our team is loving your copywriting service. Your copy drove a 37% increase in conversions!”

Evan LeGasse, eBoost Consulting

In short, I'm a landing page nerd and I'll stop at nothing to increase your leads, sales and ROI :)


Professional landing page expert since 2008 (yeah, I'm old.)

Helped thousands of SMEs boost sales and scale their business 

I will increase your conversions, guaranteed

Your business isn't a side hobby for me. This is my bread & butter, which means I'll work professionally with you to achieve your goals.

I know what works when it comes to landing pages. Use my clear process and we'll get the results you deserve.

The risk is on me, not you. Your landing page will convert better, or I'll work with you free until it does.

Are We A Good Fit?

If you:


1. Have been writing copy yourself, relying on Chat GPT or bugging Katie from accounts to handle it for you...

2. Want to scale your business faster and understand that a higher converting landing page is a critical part of that process...

3. Are prioritizing leads & sales over building a brand (because kids need feeding and car needs gas.)

4. Are following a "brand bible" that makes your copy sound vague and is tanking your sales, and you're ready to fix that with clear & effective direct response copy...

... then yes, we're a good fit.

What To Do Next

Let's start with a free landing page audit.


I'll look for opportunities and provide actionable insights you can use without obligation or pressure. This is a great way for us to see if we're a good fit for each other.


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